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 Villa Xenofilia III                         

It is not an easy task to describe this very peacefully located, luxurious and incredibly spacious villa in Moraira. When you enter the lush terrace with its palm trees, featuring an incredible 10 seats, and settle into the large heated swimming pool, you will feel like you are in a resort and will probably wonder where the luxury ends?

Don't worry; you will have at least a week to discover and try out all the lounge areas, eating nooks and seats. And....you will have time to do so, because (only if you would like this), the housekeeper will make your bed, do your laundry, iron your clothes and will keep everything in tip top shape, so you can do what you actually came for, which is to have a real holiday!

Be sure to take your friends and family along, because they will only add to the holiday joy, although there is a chance that you will hardly see each other. The terrace and the outside kitchen are very large, but the house also features many areas in which one can seek privacy and relaxation. The property features 2 large living rooms, a library, an adjoining music room and a fitness area.

In short, this is the ideal villa for special celebrations or to simply enjoy a fantastic holiday with friends or family, whilst retaining all privacy.

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